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The only commercial minibus built in Canada. Its aerodynamic design will simplify your operations.

Commercial Micro Bird G5

The Micro Bird advantages

  • Built according to strict school vehicle standards.

  • Superior quality R6 1.5-inch insulation prevents condensation and reduces noise transfer.

  • In northern climates, we are well-known for the sound structure of our corrosion-proof floor.


  • Adapted to your needs

    Adapted to your needs

    The hydraulic lift’s double panel door can be installed at the front or at the rear of the bus.

  • Panoramic front window

    Panoramic front window

    Beyond letting natural light enter, the panoramic window also improves passengers’ visibility and reduces motion sickness.

  • Support bars

    Support bars

    Ergonomic handrails help passengers and the driver circulate safely.

  • Door mechanism safeguard

    Door mechanism safeguard

    As it protects the mechanism, it also makes opening and closing the rear door easier.


  • Strong, durable manufacturing concept
  • Altoona test results – 7 years, 320 000 km
  • Spacious vehicle interior
  • Exceptional comfort for passengers
  • Commercial
  • Special needs version