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New Flyer’s MiDi bus is ideal for passenger transportation, particularly shuttle services and other urban applications. The Girardin-New Flyer alliance guarantees exceptional after-sales service for bus operators.

Commercial New Flyer MiDi

The New Flyer advantages

  • Proven reliability-The New Flyer MiDi was conceived by Alexander Dennis, the largest bus manufacturer in the United Kingdom with more that 16 000 vehicles in operation throughout the world.

  • Available in 30 feet and 35 feet versions with 1 or 2 doors.


  • Rear exit door

    Rear exit door

    Optional, this door opens and closes quickly.

  • Interior luggage racks

    Interior luggage racks

    Ideal for airport shuttles.

  • Compressed natural gas or diesel engine

    Compressed natural gas or diesel engine

    New Flyer was the first manufacturer to offer city buses powered by compressed natural gas. More than 6 000 vehicles in operation in North America.


  • Parts department with an inventory of over 10 000 000 items
  • Technical services and personalized training
  • Superior quality publication that facilitates your operations
  • Built for an expected useful life of 12 years/800 000 km
  • Commercial
  • Special needs version