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Interesting facts on propane from Girardin Blue Bird

Drummondville, June 12, 2018 - BLUE BIRD propane bus make leaders in pupil transportation more prosperous and greener.




Blue Bird Bus

propelled with propane on the road in



  • Unaided starts in cold temperature at - 40 F

  • Does not contaminate grounds


« The FORD ROUSH CLEAN TECH propane motor

6.8L V10 is one of the most performing motor that

exists on the market »


  • Comfort is assured as it heats up in minutes

  • Simplified Dashboard

  • Ideal on urban routes as well as mountain or rural roads

  • Mobile Mechanic technical service Girardin TECH Center



25% less emissions

50% less noise

60% less operating costs

20 less components to maintain

3 times less maintenant appointments per year on average


To know more about the advantages of propane, contact your sales representative today or come to visit us during the Annual Conference of the Federation of Pupil Transport from June 28 to 30, 2018 in Quebec City.




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