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For nearly 60 years, Girardin Blue Bird is the official school bus distributor named by Blue Bird Corporation to serve the Quebec, the Ontario and the Maritime Provinces. The Girardin Blue Bird Company also distributes the MB Series minibuses built by Micro Bird Corporation.

Today, Girardin Blue Bird holds a dominant position in the Quebec school bus market and an envious position in the commercial and specialized vehicle markets. Moreover, the customers who are searching for specific pre-owned buses are easily well served with the large variety of used buses in stock.

With its annexed service department close to the state-of-the-art technology and its large franchisee parts warehouse, Girardin Blue Bird can guarantee a best and efficient after-sales service. More than 10,000 different part numbers are computerized and the parcels can be delivered overnight everywhere in the province of Quebec.

Almost 90 highly skilled employees are working for the Group Girardin and their minds are based on three principles :

  • Offering high quality products
  • Supplying an impeccable after-sales service
  • Giving judicious information to the customers.



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Lionel Girardin founded the Girardin company in the 1940's. He first established his used car sales and general mechanics business in St-Felix-de-Kingsey, Quebec, Canada.

Few years later, in 1958, Mr. Girardin and his sons obtained their first contract to transport students and moved into the sale of school buses.

Business grew rapidly and in 1965, needing larger premises, they moved the company to its present location in Drummondville, alongside the Trans-Canada Highway. Parts and service departments were later annexed to meet the growing needs of customers.

In 1966, Girardin started conversions and upfits of minibuses. Two years later, Girardin will get a Blue Bird dealership, the most important bus manufacturer in North America, well-known for the quality of its products.

In 1991, a modern assembly plant was built beside the corporate office to launch the new MB-II and MB-IV minibuses. The MB series minibuses (MB-II and MB-IV) have made their mark in Canada and the United States and are sold through the network of Blue Bird distributors.

In 2008, in order to better serve the growing needs of our customers, the company has acquired the shares of Pearson Bus Sales which will become Girardin Ontario Inc. The new 25,000 sq.ft. full-service facility, conveniently located in Brantford, Ontario, offers both new and used school, commercial and activity bus sales as well as parts and after-sales service.

Today Girardin Blue Bird holds a dominant position in the Quebec school bus market and an envious position in the commercial and specialized vehicle markets.

The experience Girardin Blue Bird has acquired in the school bus contracting business in Quebec has enabled Girardin to better understand customer needs and supply a vehicle engineered and built to meet their expectations. Girardin Blue Birdbelieves the success of the company and all its divisions is based on three principles :

  • High quality products
  • Impeccable service
  • Highly skilled work force