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Built for school transportation from A to Z, the Blue Bird Vision chassis has been put to the test. On the roads since 2003, it is the best-selling vehicle in Quebec. Many configuration possibilities available as well as everything required for the transportation of passengers in wheelchairs

Girardin and Blue Bird are proud to offer the ideal conventional vehicle in Quebec.

Blue Bird School Bus Vision

The Blue Bird advantages

  • Now available, the Ford engine offers two fuel options. Long-awaited, gas and propane engines are finally a possibility on the Vision. Their great ease of operation will provide you with peace of mind.

  • Known for having the best turning radius of the industry, the Blue Bird Vision is easy to manoeuvre and drive.

  • The Blue Bird Vision’s visibility is phenomenal. A child can be seen almost 2 feet closer than with its biggest competitor.


  • Luggage compartments

    Luggage compartments

    A complete range of durable 130-inch and 152-inch fiber glass luggage compartments for special itineraries.

  • VGT engine brake

    VGT engine brake

    The VGT engine brake makes stopping easier and helps you control your speed when going down steep hills.

  • Luggage racks

    Luggage racks

    Known as the best luggage racks in the industry, they are durable and easy to maintain.

  • Wheel covers

    Wheel covers

    Our high-quality wheel covers can improve the look of your vehicle for special itineraries.

  • Air suspension

    Air suspension

    Provide your customers with the opportunity to travel in total comfort.


  • 5 different engines to choose from
  • 3 different transmissions to choose from
  • Extraordinary visibility
  • New “E-Z Windows™” windows
  • Exceptional resale value
  • School
  • Special needs version